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Ovrom Park

Evening Walk

  • Distance: 0.6 mi
  • Elevation gain: 13 ft
  • Maximum elevation: 577 ft
  • Elevation loss: 16 ft
  • Minimum elevation: 564 ft
  • Moving time: 14 m 59 s
  • Moving speed: 2.4 mph
  • Maximum speed: 4.0 mph
  • Total time: 17 m 44 s
  • Global speed: 2.0 mph
  • Date: 05/05/2024

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Verdugo Mountains Full Ridge

United States > California > Los Angeles

Hike on the Verdugo Mountains via Village Avenue Trail, La Tuna Peak, Chandler Mtrwy, Boy Scout Camp, Verdugo Motorway, Verdugo Crest Trail, Tree of Life, Wildhos Saddle, Verdugo Peak, Mesa Lila Road, Mount Thom and Las Flores Motorway. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Park

Distance: 14.5 mi • Elevation gain: 3,852 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,104 ft