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EcoTrail Paris 2023 Trail 30km

France > Ile-de-France > Hauts-de-Seine > Meudon

Distance: 19.2 mi • Elevation gain: 1,463 ft • Maximum elevation: 581 ft

Gent-Wevelgem Cyclo 2022 - 90km

Belgium > West Flanders > Kortrijk > Wevelgem

Distance: 58.4 mi • Elevation gain: 1,591 ft • Maximum elevation: 495 ft

Grand Canyon Rim to River

United States > Arizona > Coconino County

Hike from South Kaibab Trailhead to Bright Angel Trailhead via Ooh Aah Point, Cedar Ridge, Skeleton Point, Kaibab Suspension Bridge, River Colorado, Phantom Ranch Village, Bright Angel Suspension Bridge, River Trail, Devil's Corkscrew, Havasupai Gardens and Mary Jane Coulter Lookout in the Grand Canyon National Park. #Hike #Canyon

Distance: 16.9 mi • Elevation gain: 7,359 ft • Maximum elevation: 7,221 ft

Oak Hill Community Park & Forest Multi-Use Trails

United States > North Carolina > Burke County

Loop hike / MTP in the Oak Hill Community Park & Forest. #Hike #MTB #Loop #Park #Nature #Forest

Distance: 2.6 mi • Elevation gain: 177 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,178 ft

Day 01: Les Houches to Auberge du Truc

France > Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes > Upper Savoy > Les Houches > Le Fouilly

Distance: 8.8 mi • Elevation gain: 4,856 ft • Maximum elevation: 6,946 ft

The Subway Trail

United States > Utah > Washington County

Zion National Park. Left Fork North Creek. Keyhole Falls, Archangel Falls. #Hike #River #Waterfall #Canyon #Forest #Mountain #Nature

Distance: 7.2 mi • Elevation gain: 2,224 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,771 ft

Navajo Knobs

United States > Utah > Wayne County > Fruita

Hike from Hickman Bridge Trailhead to Navajo Knobs via Hickman Bridge Trail, Nels Johnson Natural Bridge, Hickman Bridge, Rim Overlook Trail, Hickman Bridge Overlook, Rim Overlook and Navajo Knobs Trail in the Capitol Reef National Park. #Hike #Nature #Rock #Canyon #Park #Rim #Overlook

Distance: 5.2 mi • Elevation gain: 2,172 ft • Maximum elevation: 6,916 ft

5 Peaks Loop (Mount Olympia, North Peak, Mount Diablo, Eagle Peak and Twin Peaks)

United States > California > Contra Costa County > Clayton

Loop hike from Clayton via Donner Canyon Road, Cardinet Oaks Road, Mount Olympia Road, Mount Olympia, North Peak Road, North Peak, Prospectors Gap, North Peak Trail, Summit Trail, Mount Diablo, Bald Ridge Trail, Eagle Peak Trail, Eagle Peak, Mitchell Rock Trail, Twin Peaks, Mitchell Rock, Oak Road and Murchio Road in the Mount Diablo…

Distance: 15.0 mi • Elevation gain: 5,062 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,780 ft

Griffith Loop Trail

United States > California > Los Angeles

Loop hike in the Griffith Park. #Hike #Loop #Park #Nature #Mountain #Forest #Hollywood

Distance: 2.0 mi • Elevation gain: 571 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,053 ft

Cascade Head Viewpoint

United States > Oregon > Lincoln County

Hike from Knight County Park to Lower Cascade Head Viewpoint in the Cascade Head Preserve and the Siuslaw National Forest. #Hike #Nature #Coast #Sea #Ocean #Pacific #Forest

Distance: 3.3 mi • Elevation gain: 804 ft • Maximum elevation: 587 ft

Pike Lake Loop

United States > Ohio > Pike County

Loop run / hike from Pike Lake Dam via Mitchell Ridge Trail, Valley Bridle Trail, Buckeye Trail and Wildcat Hollow Trail in the Pike Lake State Park and the Pike State Forest. #Run #Hike #Loop #Lake #Forest #Mountain #Nature #Park

Distance: 7.3 mi • Elevation gain: 1,549 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,266 ft

Mount Crawford

United States > New Hampshire > Carroll County > Hart's Location > Notchland

Hike from Saco River to Mount Crawford via Davis Path and Mount Crawford Spur in the Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness. #Hike #Mountain #River #Nature #Forest #Wilderness

Distance: 4.6 mi • Elevation gain: 2,064 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,054 ft

Red Rock Canyon Loop

United States > Colorado > El Paso County > Colorado Springs

Loop hike through Red Rock Canyon Open Space via Contemplative Trail, Roundup Trail, Mesa Trail, Greenlee Trail, Quarry Pass Trail, Lyons Sandstone Quarry and Red Rock Canyon Trail. #Hike #Loop #Rock #Nature #Canyon #Forest

Distance: 4.5 mi • Elevation gain: 666 ft • Maximum elevation: 6,591 ft

Navajo Loop Trail and Queen's Garden Trail in the Bryce Canyon

United States > Utah > Garfield County

Loop hike in the Bryce Canyon National Park via Rim Trail, Sunset Point, Navajo Loop Trail, Wall Street, Queen's Garden Trail, Queen Victoria and Sunrise Point. #Hike #Loop #Canyon #Nature #Rock #Forest #Park #Bryce

Distance: 3.2 mi • Elevation gain: 702 ft • Maximum elevation: 8,015 ft

La Milagrosa Loop

United States > Arizona > Pima County

Loop hike from Hohokam Estates via La Milagrosa in the Coronado National Forest. #Hike #Loop #Mountain #Nature

Distance: 6.2 mi • Elevation gain: 1,437 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,750 ft

Long range bike

United States > Georgia > Columbia County

Loop bike from Evans to Savannah River via Savannah River Rapids Park, Augusta Canal Trail, Eisenhower Park and Augusta. #Bike #Loop #City #River

Distance: 24.7 mi • Elevation gain: 1,014 ft • Maximum elevation: 456 ft

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike on North Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Trail

United States > Arizona > Coconino County

Hike from North Kaibab Trailhead to Bright Angel Trailhead via Coconino Overlook, Cotonwood Campground, Bright Angel Creek, Phantom Ranch Village, Bright Angel Site, River Trail, Colorado River, Bright Angel Suspension Bridge, Pipe Creek, Garden Creek, Havasupai Gardens Campground and Mary Jane Coulter Lookout in the Grand Canyon…

Distance: 23.4 mi • Elevation gain: 9,196 ft • Maximum elevation: 8,258 ft


Portugal > Braga > Barcelos

Distance: 5.4 mi • Elevation gain: 538 ft • Maximum elevation: 161 ft

Borderland Park Loop

United States > Massachusetts > Norfolk County > Sharon

Loop hike in the Borderland State Park via Northwest Trail, Split Rock Trail, Granite Hills Trail, Granite Hills Lower Loop, Tisdale Road, Upper Leach Pond, Puds Pond, Pond Walk, Leach Pond, Pond Edge Trail, West Side Trail and The French Trail. #Hike #Loop #Park #Nature #Lake #Forest

Distance: 5.9 mi • Elevation gain: 266 ft • Maximum elevation: 318 ft

Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Loop

United States > New Mexico > San Juan County

Loop hike on Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Trail via Chocolate Mushroom Hoodoos, Turtle Hoodoo and Fossil Hoodoo in the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness. #Hike #Loop #Hoodoos #Rock #Wilderness #Desert

Distance: 2.3 mi • Elevation gain: 138 ft • Maximum elevation: 6,299 ft

Mount Diablo

United States > California > Contra Costa County

Hike from Macedo Ranch Staging Area to Mount Diablo via Wall Pt. Road, Staircase Trail, Summit Trail and Sentinel Rock in the Mount Diablo State Park. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Park

Distance: 15.3 mi • Elevation gain: 4,275 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,780 ft

Slide Mountain

United States > New York > Ulster County > Town of Shandaken

Hike from West Branch Neversink River to Slide Mountain via Phoenicia - East Branch Trail, Wittenberg - Cornell - Slide Trail and John Burroughs Monument in the Slide Mountain Wilderness and the Cattskill Park. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Wilderness #Park

Distance: 5.4 mi • Elevation gain: 1,726 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,144 ft

Mount Colden Loop

United States > New York > Essex County

Loop hike from Heart Lake to Mount Colden via Van Hoevenberg Trail, Marcy Dam Pond, Avalanche Pass Trail, Avalanche Pass, Avalanche Lake, Lake Colden, Mount Colden Trail, L. Morgan Porter Trail, Lake Arnold and Lake Arnold Trail in the High Peaks Wilderness and the Adirondack Park. #Hike #Loop #Mountain #Lake #Forest #Nature #Park

Distance: 13.5 mi • Elevation gain: 3,281 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,642 ft

Sleeping Giant / Nounou (Kauai Island)

United States > Hawaii > Kauaʻi County > Wailua

Hike to Sleeping Giant in the Nounou Forest Reserve on Kauai Island. #Hike #Nature #Forest #Mountain #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Island #Hawaii

Distance: 3.8 mi • Elevation gain: 1,296 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,079 ft

Lyon Mountain Loop

United States > New York > Clinton County > Town of Dannemora > Lyon Mountain

Loop hike to Lyon Mountain Fire Tower via Lyon Mountain Trail and Old Lyon Mountain Trail in the Chazy Highlands State Forest and the Adirondacks Park. #Hike #Loop #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Park

Distance: 5.3 mi • Elevation gain: 1,877 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,793 ft

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) through San Bernardino Forest and Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains

United States > California > Riverside County

Hike from Bull Canyon Parking to Snow Creek along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail via Lion Peak, Pyramid Peak, Cedar Spring, Palm View Peak, Fobes Saddle, Spitler Peak, Apache Peak, Apache Spring, Antsell Rock, South Peak, Red Tahquitz, Tahquitz Meadow, Powderbox Spring, Middle Spring, Jolley Spring, Idylwild, Deer Springs…

Distance: 59.0 mi • Elevation gain: 13,064 ft • Maximum elevation: 8,980 ft

Mount Umunhum

United States > California > Santa Clara County > Peckham Ranch

Hike to Mount Umunhum via Mount Umunhum Trail and Guadalupe Creek Overlook in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Overlook

Distance: 7.5 mi • Elevation gain: 2,077 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,432 ft

Mammoth Lakes Loop

United States > California > Mono County > Mammoth Lakes > Lake Mary

Loop hike via Lake Mary, Lake Barret, T J Lake, Lake George, Lake Mamie and Mammoth Creek in the Inyo National Forest. #Hike #Loop #Lake #Forest #Nature #River #Mountain

Distance: 3.3 mi • Elevation gain: 522 ft • Maximum elevation: 9,324 ft

Goethe Forest and Watermelon Pond Loop

United States > Florida > Alachua County > Newberry

Loop hike through Goethe State Forest via Watermelon Pond. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Forest #Lake

Distance: 6.3 mi • Elevation gain: 39 ft • Maximum elevation: 79 ft

Arches National Park Loop

United States > Utah > Grand County

Loop hike via Devil's Garden Trail, Pine Tree Arch Trail, Tunnel Arch Viewpoint, Pine Tree Arch Viewpoint, Devil's Garden Primitive Trail Loop, Private Arch Trail, Dark Angel Trail, Dark Viewpoint, Double O Arch Trail, Black Arch Overlook Trail, Navajo Arch Trail, Partition Arch Trail and Landscape Arch Viewpoint in the Arches…

Distance: 8.4 mi • Elevation gain: 1,381 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,515 ft

Boucle du Bassac

France > Occitania > Haute-Garonne > Colomiers

Distance: 6.8 mi • Elevation gain: 246 ft • Maximum elevation: 597 ft

Waterfall Glenn Forest Loop

United States > Illinois > DuPage County > Darien

Loop hike around the Waterfall Glenn Forest Preserve via Waterfall Glenn Main Trail, Des Plaines River Scenic Overlook and Sawmill Creek Waterfall. #Hike #Loop #Forest #Nature #Fall #River #Park

Distance: 10.0 mi • Elevation gain: 338 ft • Maximum elevation: 764 ft

Klahhane Ridge

United States > Washington > Clallam County

Hike from Hurricane Ridge to Klahhane Ridge via Big Meadow Natural Trail, Cirque Rim Nature Trail, High Ridge Nature Trail, Sunrise Viewpoint, Hurricane Ridge to Switchback Trail, Switchback Trail and Klahhane Ridge Trail in the Olympic National Park and the Daniel J. Evans Wilderness. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Park #Wilderness

Distance: 8.2 mi • Elevation gain: 2,612 ft • Maximum elevation: 6,024 ft

Fire Wave (Valley of Fire State Park)

United States > Nevada > Clark County

Hike to Fire Wave in the Valley of Fire State Park via the Fire Wave Trail. #Hike #Nature #Rock #Desert #Park

Distance: 0.9 mi • Elevation gain: 98 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,037 ft

Elmore Mountain Loop

United States > Vermont > Lamoille County > Elmore > Lake Elmore

Loop hike from Lake Elmore to Elmore Mountain via Ridge Trail and Fire Tower Trail in the Elmore State Park. #Hike #Loop #Mountain #Nature #Lake #Forest #Park

Distance: 5.6 mi • Elevation gain: 1,512 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,572 ft

Ename Classic 2022 - 89 km

Belgium > East Flanders > Oudenaarde > Oudenaarde

Distance: 55.6 mi • Elevation gain: 2,582 ft • Maximum elevation: 338 ft

SF Pier 39

United States > California > San Francisco

Distance: 2.1 mi • Elevation gain: 23 ft • Maximum elevation: 20 ft

Calico Tanks

United States > Nevada > Clark County

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. #Hike #Canyon #Mountain #Nature

Distance: 2.2 mi • Elevation gain: 430 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,754 ft

Manistee River Loop

United States > Michigan > Manistee County

Loop hike from Hodenpyl Dam Pond to Red Bridge via North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT), Manistee River Trail and Stagle Creek Overlook in the Manistee National Forest. #Hike #Loop #River #Nature #Forest #Lake #Dam #Overlook

Distance: 20.1 mi • Elevation gain: 2,287 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,132 ft

Shoreline Park, Ocean Trails and Abalone Cove

United States > California > Rancho Palos Verdes

Hike along the Pacific Coast via Shoreline Park, Ocean Trails Reserve and Abalone Cove Reserve. #Hike #Pacific #Ocean #Sea #Coast #Nature #Park #Beach

Distance: 5.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,050 ft • Maximum elevation: 410 ft

Zabriskie Point, Gower Gulch and Golden Canyon Loop (Death Valley)

United States > California > Inyo County

Loop hike from Zabriskie Point via Badlands Loop, Gower Gulch Trail, Golden Canyon Trail and 360 Viewpoint in the Death Valley National Park. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Rock #Canyon #Desert #Park #Overlook

Distance: 7.7 mi • Elevation gain: 1,634 ft • Maximum elevation: 669 ft

Whistle Lake Loop

United States > Washington > Skagit County > Anacortes

Loop hike around Whistle Lake via Gerry Wallrath Trail, Toot Swamp and Kenny Oaks Trail in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands on the Fidalgo Island. #Hike #Loop #Lake #Forest #Nature

Distance: 4.1 mi • Elevation gain: 561 ft • Maximum elevation: 594 ft

Gorham Mountain and The Beehive Loop (Mount Desert Island)

United States > Maine > Hancock County > Bar Harbor

Loop hike from Sand Beach to Gorham Mountain and The Beehive via Bowl Trail, Beehive Trail, The Bowl, Gorham Mountain Trail, Cadillac Cliffs Path, Monument Cove, Thunder Hole and Ocean Path in the Acadia National Park. #Hike #Loop #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Park #Ocean #Atlantic #Sea, #Lake #Island

Distance: 4.0 mi • Elevation gain: 869 ft • Maximum elevation: 492 ft

Mount Marcy, Mount Skylight and Gray Peak

United States > New York > Essex County > Town of Keene > Town of Newcomb

Return hike from Mount Marcy to Heart Lake via Mount Marcy Trail, Schofield Cobble, Four Corners, Skylight Trail, Lake Tear of the Clouds, Gray Peak Trail, Van Hoevenberg Trail, Indian Falls and Marcy Dam Pond in the High Peaks Wilderness and the Adirondack Park. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Lake #Falls #Park #Wilderness

Distance: 11.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,991 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,289 ft


United States > Indiana > Tippecanoe County > West Lafayette

Distance: 2.3 mi • Elevation gain: 33 ft • Maximum elevation: 722 ft


Portugal > Lisbon > Sintra

Distance: 21.6 mi • Elevation gain: 2,516 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,073 ft

Angels Landing

United States > Utah > Washington County > Zion Lodge

Zion National Park. Virgin River. #Hike #Canyon #Mountain #River #Forest #Nature

Distance: 4.6 mi • Elevation gain: 2,513 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,515 ft

Delicate Arch

United States > Utah > Grand County

Arches National Park. #Hike #Arch #Nature

Distance: 3.2 mi • Elevation gain: 636 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,820 ft

Fairyland Loop Trail

United States > Utah > Garfield County

Bryce Canyon National Park. #Hike #Loop #Canyon #Forest #Nature

Distance: 7.9 mi • Elevation gain: 1,867 ft • Maximum elevation: 8,153 ft

Spraddle Creek Loop

United States > Colorado > Eagle County > Vail

Loop hike from Vail along Spraddle Creek via Spraddle Creek Trail in the White River National Forest. #Hike #Loop #River #Mountain #Nature #Forest

Distance: 7.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,873 ft • Maximum elevation: 9,918 ft