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Mount LeConte via Alum Cave Trail

United States > Tennessee > Sevier County

Great Smoky Mountains National Park. #Hike #Mountain #Cave #Forest #River #Nature

Distance: 10.8 mi • Elevation gain: 3,848 ft • Maximum elevation: 6,542 ft

Old Ilchester Quarry Scouting

United States > Maryland > Howard County > Ilchester

Patapsco Valley State Park - Morning Hike

Distance: 5.2 mi • Elevation gain: 958 ft • Maximum elevation: 354 ft

Dahlia Ridge Trail System

United States > North Carolina > Haywood County > Clyde

Loop in the Dahlia Ridge Trail System at Haywood Community College. #Hike #Walk #Run #Loop #Nature #Forest

Distance: 3.2 mi • Elevation gain: 400 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,776 ft

Mount Lafayette Loop

United States > New Hampshire > Grafton County > Lincoln

White Mountain National Forest. Stairs Falls, Cloudland Falls, Dry Creek, Franconia Ridge, Greenleaf Hut. #Hike #Snowshoes #Mountain #Forest #Waterfall #River #Nature

Distance: 8.4 mi • Elevation gain: 3,734 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,190 ft

The Enchantments

United States > Washington > Chelan County

Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Colchuk, Isolation, Inspiration, Perfection Leprechaun, Viviane, Snow and Nada Lakes. #Hike #Mountain #Lake #River #Waterfall #Forest #Nature

Distance: 18.2 mi • Elevation gain: 4,928 ft • Maximum elevation: 7,818 ft

Užice: kanjon Đetinje, Đurića orlovi

Serbia > Central Serbia > Zlatibor Administrative District > Uzice

Distance: 8.7 mi • Elevation gain: 2,201 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,454 ft

Stublo memorijalni uspon Aleksandar Džavić Planine zovu, pla...

Serbia > Central Serbia > Zlatibor Administrative District > Cajetina Municipality > Stublo

Distance: 9.6 mi • Elevation gain: 2,244 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,262 ft

MAGLEŠ Lastra - Zabava - Kušakovići - vrh Pali - Gornje Lesk...

Serbia > Central Serbia > Kolubara Administrative District

Distance: 9.3 mi • Elevation gain: 2,549 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,320 ft

Boulder Running

United States > Colorado > Boulder County > Boulder

Distance: 5.1 mi • Elevation gain: 213 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,433 ft

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

United States > Utah > Cache County

Distance: 5.5 mi • Elevation gain: 207 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,722 ft

Jetty hike and drive back

United States > California > Sonoma County

Bodega Bay

Distance: 6.7 mi • Elevation gain: 335 ft • Maximum elevation: 135 ft

Phifer flatwoods and SRR

United States > Florida > Alachua County > Gainesville

Distance: 67.6 mi • Elevation gain: 1,375 ft • Maximum elevation: 184 ft

Kanjon Trešnjica- Trešnjica - gornje Košlje

Serbia > Central Serbia > Macva Administrative District > Ljubovija Municipality

Distance: 9.0 mi • Elevation gain: 2,582 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,697 ft

Angels Landing and Emerald Pools (Zion Canyon)

United States > Utah > Washington County > Zion Lodge

Hike from West Rim Trailhead to Angels Landing and Emerald Pools via West Rim Trail, Virgin River, Scout Lookout, Kayenta Trail, Lower Emerald Pool, Middle Emerald Pool and Upper Emerald Pool in the Zion National Park. #Hike #Canyon #Zion #Nature #River #Rock #Falls

Distance: 6.9 mi • Elevation gain: 4,216 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,338 ft

Bisti Badlands Loop

United States > New Mexico > San Juan County

Loop hike in Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Desert #Rock #Wilderness

Distance: 5.4 mi • Elevation gain: 144 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,863 ft

Scout Lookout, Emerald Pools, View on the Patriarchs (Zion Canyon)

United States > Utah > Washington County > Zion Lodge

Hike in the Zion Canyon via West Rim Trail, Scout Lookout, Kayenta Trail, Upper Emerald Pool, Lower Emerald Pool, Virgin River, Sand Bench Trail and View on the Patriarchs. #Hike #Canyon #River #Nature #Rock #Mountain #Park #Zion

Distance: 10.3 mi • Elevation gain: 4,629 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,614 ft

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike on South Kaibab Trail and North Kaibab Trail

United States > Arizona > Coconino County

Hike from South Kaibab Trailhead to North Kaibab Trailhead via Ooh Aah Point, Cedar Ridge, Skeleton Point, Tipoff Shelter, Kaibab Suspension Bridge, Colorado River, Bright Angel Site, Phantom Ranch Village, Bright Angel Creek, Cotonwood Campground and Coconino Overlook in the Grand Canyon National Park. #Hike #Canyon #Mountain #River

Distance: 20.8 mi • Elevation gain: 9,423 ft • Maximum elevation: 8,258 ft

Angels Landing

United States > Utah > Washington County > Zion Lodge

Zion National Park. Virgin River. #Hike #Canyon #Mountain #River #Forest #Nature

Distance: 4.6 mi • Elevation gain: 2,513 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,515 ft

Devils Garden Loop

United States > Utah > Grand County

Arches National Park. #Hike #Loop #Arch #Nature

Distance: 7.8 mi • Elevation gain: 1,184 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,505 ft

Welch and Dickey Mountains Loop

United States > New Hampshire > Grafton County > Thornton

White Mountain National Forest. #Hike #Loop #Mountain #Forest #Nature

Distance: 4.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,739 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,697 ft

Emerald Pools Loop

United States > Utah > Washington County > Zion Lodge

Zion National Park. Virgin River. #Hike #Loop #Lake #River #Mountain #Forest #Nature #Zion

Distance: 3.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,024 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,993 ft

Poo Poo Point

United States > Washington > King County > Issaquah

Tiger Mountain State Forest. #Hike #Forest #Mountain #Nature

Distance: 7.0 mi • Elevation gain: 2,277 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,972 ft

New River Gorge National Park and Preserve

United States > West Virginia > Fayette County

Distance: 20.6 mi • Elevation gain: 3,576 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,795 ft

Quail Hill Open Space Reserve

United States > California > Orange County > Irvine

Distance: 4.5 mi • Elevation gain: 499 ft • Maximum elevation: 361 ft

Trace along center of footpaths, Harvest Sports Park

United States > California > Ventura County > Santa Paula > Kevet

Distance: 1.5 mi • Elevation gain: 23 ft • Maximum elevation: 351 ft

Hahn Park North End

United States > California > Los Angeles County

Distance: 1.4 mi • Elevation gain: 312 ft • Maximum elevation: 482 ft

Scotch Creek -> Salt Creek Loop, Rico, CO

United States > Colorado > Dolores County

Loop MTB via Scotch Creek and Salt Creek. #MTB #Loop

Distance: 19.6 mi • Elevation gain: 3,711 ft • Maximum elevation: 10,928 ft

Champlin Cycling

United States > Minnesota > Hennepin County > Champlin

Elm Creek Park Reserve #Bike

Distance: 19.0 mi • Elevation gain: 659 ft • Maximum elevation: 935 ft

Leona Fire Trail

United States > California > Alameda County > Oakland

Oakland Walking. #Hike #Walk #Trail

Distance: 1.5 mi • Elevation gain: 686 ft • Maximum elevation: 814 ft

Cold Canyon Loop

United States > New Mexico > Bernalillo County > Sandia Haven

Loop MTB via This Way Trail, Madera Locura Trail, Faulty Trail, Armijo Trail, Un Poquito Trail, La Barba Trail and That Way Trail in the Cibola National Forest and the Cold Canyon. #MTB #Loop #Nature #Forest #Mountain

Distance: 4.7 mi • Elevation gain: 715 ft • Maximum elevation: 7,644 ft

Sunset Trail Hike

United States > California > Alameda County > Oakland

Oakland Walking #Hike #Walk #Trail

Distance: 1.6 mi • Elevation gain: 361 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,122 ft

Port Orford Heads State Park Loop

United States > Oregon > Curry County > Port Orford

Loop hike via Tower Trail and Nellies Cove Trail in the Port Orford Heads State Park. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Forest

Distance: 0.7 mi • Elevation gain: 256 ft • Maximum elevation: 325 ft

Toyon Canyon Landfill

United States > California > Los Angeles

Loop hike through Toyon Canyon Landfill in Griffith Park. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Park

Distance: 3.5 mi • Elevation gain: 673 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,093 ft

Hike at Oh Five, Red and White Loop via Long Path

United States > New York > Rockland County > Blauvelt

Loop hike in Blauvelt State Park. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Forest #Park

Distance: 4.2 mi • Elevation gain: 495 ft • Maximum elevation: 614 ft

Pisgah National Forest Run Loop

United States > North Carolina > Buncombe County > Bent Creek

Loop run / trail / hike from Rice Pinnacle Parking via Wolf Branch Trail, Ingles Fields Gap, Little Hickory Top, Sidehill Trail, Greens Lick Trail, North Boundary Road, Wolf Knob, Mease Gap, Moors Gap, Corvair Trail and Deer Lake Road in the Pisgah National Forest. #Run #Trail #Hike #Loop #Forest #Nature

Distance: 14.3 mi • Elevation gain: 2,976 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,330 ft

Durango Meadow - Horse Gulch

United States > Colorado > La Plata County > Durango

Loop hike from Durango via Horse Gulch Road, Telegraph Trail, Meadow Loop Trail, Stacy's Loop Trail and Cuchillo Trail in the Horse Gulch. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Forest #Mountain

Distance: 6.5 mi • Elevation gain: 955 ft • Maximum elevation: 7,313 ft

Pedernales Falls Wolf Mountain Loop

United States > Texas > Blanco County

Loop hike on Wolf Mountain via Wolf Mountain Trail in the Pedernales Falls State Park. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Forest #Mountain #Park

Distance: 5.8 mi • Elevation gain: 410 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,073 ft

Shaggers Loop

United States > Pennsylvania > Clearfield County > Lawrence Township

Loop hike from Shaggers Inn Pond via Shaggers Loop and Shaggers Inn Waterfowl Dam in the Moshannon State Forest. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Forest #Lake

Distance: 2.2 mi • Elevation gain: 108 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,028 ft

Hurd Park Mountain Bike Loop

United States > Connecticut > Lower Connecticut River Valley Planning Region > East Hampton > Middle Haddam

Loop MTB in Hurd State Park. #MTB #Loop #Nature #Forest

Distance: 7.4 mi • Elevation gain: 820 ft • Maximum elevation: 463 ft

El toro church to summit and back

United States > California > Santa Clara County

Hike from Morgan Hill to El Toro via West Hills Community Church and Open Space Authority Trail in the El Toro Open Space Preserve. #Hike #Nature #Forest

Distance: 2.5 mi • Elevation gain: 978 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,368 ft

Vernal Fall and Clark Point Loop

United States > California > Mariposa County > Curry Village

Loop hike to Vernal Fall and Clark Point via Happy Isles Bridge, Merced River, John Muir Trail and Mist Trail in the Yosemite National Park. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Falls #River #Forest #Mountain #Yosemite #Park

Distance: 5.9 mi • Elevation gain: 2,644 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,574 ft

Waihe'e Ridge and Lanilili (Maui Island)

United States > Hawaii > Maui County > Camp Maluhia

Hike to Waihe'e Ridge and Lanilili via Waihe'e Ridge Trail on Maui Island. #Hike #Mountain #Volcano #Nature #Forest #Island #Hawaii #Sea #Pacific #Ocean

Distance: 4.3 mi • Elevation gain: 1,522 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,513 ft

Cogswell Butte Loop (Grand Canyon)

United States > Arizona > Coconino County

Loop hike from Bill Hall Trailhead around Cogswell Butte via Bill Hall Trail, Thunder River Trail, Thunder River Falls, Tapeats Creek Trail, Colorado River, Deer Creek Trail, Deer Creek Falls and Deer Spring in the Grand Canyon National Park. #Hike #Loop #Canyon #Mountain #River #Falls #Nature #Park

Distance: 28.3 mi • Elevation gain: 11,358 ft • Maximum elevation: 7,211 ft

Lolo Vista and Nu'alolo Cliffs Loop (Kaua'i Island)

United States > Hawaii > Kauaʻi County

Loop hike to Lolo Vista and Nu'alolo Cliffs via Nu'alolo Trail, Nu'alolo Cliffs Trail, Awa'awapuhi Trail and Koke'e Road in the Koke'e State Park, Ku'ia Natural Area Reserve and Na Pali-Kona Forest Reserve. #Hike #Loop #Mountain #Volcano #Nature #Forest #Cliffs #Ocean #Sea #Pacific #Island #Hawaii #Island

Distance: 11.7 mi • Elevation gain: 3,166 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,098 ft

Mission Peak

United States > California > Alameda County > Fremont

Hike from Fremont to Mission Peak via Peak Trail and Eagle Trail in the Mission Peak Regional Preserve. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Forest

Distance: 7.9 mi • Elevation gain: 2,221 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,470 ft

Lindsey Lake to Five Lakes Basin Loop

United States > California > Nevada County

Loop hike between Lindsey Lake and Five Lakes Basin via Carr-Lindsey Road, Middle Lindsey Dam, Culbertson Lake, Lindsey Lake Trail, Lower Rock Lake, Rock Lake, Crooked Lake Trail, Penner Lake, Crooked Lakes, Island Lake, Round Lake Trail, Long Lake, Round Lake, Milk Lake, Grouse Ridge Trail, Sand Ridge Trail, Sand Ridge, Five Lakes…

Distance: 23.5 mi • Elevation gain: 3,425 ft • Maximum elevation: 7,592 ft

Iceberg Lake (Glacier National Park)

United States > Montana > Glacier County

Hike to Iceberg Lake via Ptarmigan Trail and Iceberg Lake Trail in the Glacier National Park. #Hike #Mountain #Lake #Nature #Forest #Park

Distance: 10.7 mi • Elevation gain: 1,844 ft • Maximum elevation: 6,152 ft

Delicate Arch (Arches National Park)

United States > Utah > Grand County

Hike to Delicate Arch via Delicate Arch Trail in the Arches National Park. #Hike #Nature #Rock #Park

Distance: 3.4 mi • Elevation gain: 771 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,820 ft

Crowder Canyon

United States > California > San Bernardino County > Cajon Junction

Hike through the Crowder Canyon via Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) in the San Bernardino National Forest. #Hike #Mountain #Nature #Canyon #Forest #PCT

Distance: 7.4 mi • Elevation gain: 1,591 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,006 ft

Covington Loop (Joshua Tree National Park)

United States > California > Riverside County

Loop hike via Covington Loop Trail in the Joshua Tree National Park. #Hike #Loop #Joshua #Park #Overlook #Nature

Distance: 8.4 mi • Elevation gain: 994 ft • Maximum elevation: 5,112 ft