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Camino Portuguese - Coastal/Monacal

Portugal > Lisbonne > Lisbonne

<p> A route covering the Camino Portuguese - The Portuguese Way, starting from Lisbon to Porto and from there the coastal route.</p> <p> This is a version of the Camino Portuguese names Route Monacal, as it goes along the coast from Porto and does not follow the more common central route.</p> <p> It covers the camino Portuguese from…

Distance: 394.3 mi • Elevation gain: 18,038 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,493 ft


Singapore > Central > Singapore


Distance: 7.3 mi • Elevation gain: 456 ft • Maximum elevation: 82 ft

Gambier Island

Canada > British Columbia > Sunshine Coast Regional District > Area F (West Howe Sound)

A walk in the woods

Distance: 11.3 mi • Elevation gain: 2,861 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,713 ft

Royal National Park - Coast Track

Australia > New South Wales

#Hike #Royal

Distance: 5.8 mi • Elevation gain: 965 ft • Maximum elevation: 253 ft

Hunstanton to Kings Lynn

United Kingdom > England > Norfolk > King's Lynn and West Norfolk > Hunstanton

Norfolk Coast Path/England Coast Path

Distance: 19.4 mi • Elevation gain: 295 ft • Maximum elevation: 82 ft

Suffolk Coastal Trail Running

United Kingdom > England > Suffolk > East Suffolk > Hollesley


Distance: 13.7 mi • Elevation gain: 387 ft • Maximum elevation: 92 ft

Sunshine Coast Trail

Canada > British Columbia > qathet Regional District > Powell River

#Hike #SunshineCoast

Distance: 46.6 mi • Elevation gain: 11,755 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,776 ft

Warrie Circuit - Springbrook National Park

Australia > Queensland > Gold Coast City

#Hike #Loop

Distance: 9.3 mi • Elevation gain: 3,287 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,493 ft

Bondi Beach - Coogee Beach

Australia > New South Wales > Sydney

#Hike #Sydney #Pacific

Distance: 4.5 mi • Elevation gain: 591 ft • Maximum elevation: 161 ft

Kiama Coast Walk

Australia > New South Wales > Minnamurra

#Hike #Kiama

Distance: 12.3 mi • Elevation gain: 1,558 ft • Maximum elevation: 161 ft

George Bass Coastal Walk

Australia > Victoria > Kilcunda

Kilcunda Coastal Reserve. Bass Strait. #Hike #Kilcunda

Distance: 9.5 mi • Elevation gain: 1,358 ft • Maximum elevation: 210 ft


Singapore > Singapore

Distance: 7.3 mi • Elevation gain: 463 ft • Maximum elevation: 82 ft

Welcombe to Hartland Loop

United Kingdom > England > Devon > Torridge District > Welcombe > Mead

Loop hike from Welcombe to Hartland via Dyer's Lookout, Blackpool, St Nectan's Church, Stoke, Milford, Elmscott, Hardisworthy and South Hole in the North Devon National Landscape. #Hike #Loop #Coast #Sea #Atlantic #Ocean #Nature #Countryside #Cliffs #Overlook

Distance: 15.6 mi • Elevation gain: 2,759 ft • Maximum elevation: 545 ft

Vallemar Loop

United States > California > San Mateo County > Pacifica

Loop hike around Vallemar via Mori Ridge Trail, Sweeney Ridge Trail, Baquiano Trail, Castle Hill, Farallones View Trail, Rockaway Beach, Bluff Trail, Headlands Trail, The Point and Timigtac Trail in the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed, the Mori Point and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). #Hike #Loop #Nature

Distance: 7.5 mi • Elevation gain: 1,837 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,230 ft

Melbourne - Philip Island

Australia > Victoria > Melbourne

#Bike #Melbourne #Philip

Distance: 62.7 mi • Elevation gain: 1,939 ft • Maximum elevation: 518 ft

East Coast Trail - Spout Path

Canada > Newfoundland and Labrador > St. John's

#Hike #Newfoundland #Atlantic

Distance: 13.7 mi • Elevation gain: 2,802 ft • Maximum elevation: 591 ft

Sea Lion Caves

Canada > British Columbia > Capital Regional District > Juan de Fuca Electoral Area

Juan de Fuca Park. Vancouver Island. #Hike #JuanDeFuca #Vancouver

Distance: 3.6 mi • Elevation gain: 1,115 ft • Maximum elevation: 643 ft

Nordic backcountry ski on Into Woods trail

Canada > British Columbia > Squamish-Lillooet Regional District > Area D (Elaho/Garibaldi)

Backcountry ski via Into Woods, Woods Lake, Out of Woods, Howe It Goes and Madeley Lake FSR in the Coast Mountains. #Ski #Mountain #Nature #Forest #Lake

Distance: 7.0 mi • Elevation gain: 850 ft • Maximum elevation: 3,832 ft

Singapore East Coast Park

Singapore > Southeast > Singapore


Distance: 7.8 mi • Elevation gain: 259 ft • Maximum elevation: 72 ft

Clifton to Godley Head

New Zealand > Canterbury > Christchurch City > Christchurch

Hike from Clifton to Godley Head via Sumner, Scarborough and Taylors Mistake. #Hike #Nature #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Coast

Distance: 5.2 mi • Elevation gain: 1,168 ft • Maximum elevation: 715 ft

Mount Murchison Track

Australia > Tasmania > Tullah

Mount Murchison Regional Reserve. #Hike #Loop #Murchison

Distance: 4.2 mi • Elevation gain: 2,405 ft • Maximum elevation: 4,078 ft

Burleigh Head National Park - Tumgun Lookout

Australia > Queensland > Gold Coast City

#Hike #Loop #BurleighHead

Distance: 2.0 mi • Elevation gain: 400 ft • Maximum elevation: 233 ft

West Coast Trail (Vancouver Island)

Canada > British Columbia > Cowichan Valley Regional District > Area F (Cowichan Lake South / Skutz Falls)

Hike along the West Coast Trail via Camper Bay, Cullite Cove, Logan Creek Bridge, Wallbran Creek Camp, Bonilla Creek, Carmanah Creek Camp, Cribs Creek Camp, Dare Point, Nitinat River, Tsuquadra Point Camp, Tsusiat Falls, Klanawa River, Tsocowis Creek Camp, Darling River Camp, Michigan Creek Camp, Pachena Point Lighthouse and Pachena…

Distance: 42.6 mi • Elevation gain: 6,010 ft • Maximum elevation: 404 ft

South Coast Track - Rocky Bay - South Cape Bay

Australia > Tasmania > Recherche

South West National Park. #Hike #SouthWest #Tasmania

Distance: 10.5 mi • Elevation gain: 938 ft • Maximum elevation: 144 ft

Cliff Walk at Newport, Rhode Island

United States > Rhode Island > Newport County > Newport

Hike from Memorial Boulevard to Lands End along Atlantic Coast via Marys Seat, Easton Bay, Breakers Observation Area, Gazebo at Anglesea, Belmont Beach, Sheep Point Cove, Sheep Point, Rough Point and Midship Rock. #Hike #Walk #Nature #Coast #Sea #Atlantic #Ocean

Distance: 3.1 mi • Elevation gain: 151 ft • Maximum elevation: 30 ft

Cascade Head Viewpoint

United States > Oregon > Lincoln County

Hike from Knight County Park to Lower Cascade Head Viewpoint in the Cascade Head Preserve and the Siuslaw National Forest. #Hike #Nature #Coast #Sea #Ocean #Pacific #Forest

Distance: 3.3 mi • Elevation gain: 804 ft • Maximum elevation: 587 ft

Cape Paterson - Cape Liptrap Coastal Park

Australia > Victoria > Cape Paterson

#Bike #Liptrap

Distance: 35.9 mi • Elevation gain: 1,722 ft • Maximum elevation: 568 ft

Peachester State Forest

Australia > Queensland > Sunshine Coast Regional

#Hike #Loop #Peachester

Distance: 7.3 mi • Elevation gain: 617 ft • Maximum elevation: 686 ft

Shoreline Park, Ocean Trails and Abalone Cove

United States > California > Rancho Palos Verdes

Hike along the Pacific Coast via Shoreline Park, Ocean Trails Reserve and Abalone Cove Reserve. #Hike #Pacific #Ocean #Sea #Coast #Nature #Park #Beach

Distance: 5.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,050 ft • Maximum elevation: 410 ft

Rodeo Beach, Coastal Trail and Miwok Trail

United States > California > Marin County

Marin Headlands. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Beach

Distance: 5.0 mi • Elevation gain: 1,155 ft • Maximum elevation: 932 ft

Surf Coast Walk

Australia > Victoria > Torquay

Bass Strait. #Hike

Distance: 21.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,991 ft • Maximum elevation: 364 ft

The High Coast Trail

Suède > Comté de Västernorrland > Nora distrikt

Distance: 77.6 mi • Elevation gain: 9,934 ft • Maximum elevation: 873 ft

Coast Path Walk

United Kingdom > Wales > Monmouthshire > Rogiet

Hike from Rogiet - Seven Tunnel Junction along the Bristol Channel coast via Goldcliff Lagoons, East Usk Lighthouse and Newport Wetlands. #Walk #Hike #Coast #Nature #Sea

Distance: 14.2 mi • Elevation gain: 154 ft • Maximum elevation: 39 ft

Lost Coast Trail

United States > California > Humboldt County

Hike from Mattole Beach to Black Sands Beach via the Lost Coast Trail, Windy Point, Punta Gorda, Cooskie Creek, Randall Creek, Spanish Flat, Kinsey Creek, Big Creek, Miller Flat, Shipman Creek, Buck Creek, Gitchel Creek and Horse Mountain Creek in the King Range Wilderness. #Hike #Coast #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Nature #Mountain

Distance: 26.0 mi • Elevation gain: 2,356 ft • Maximum elevation: 174 ft

Beerburrum - Woodford - Glass House Moutains

Australia > Queensland > Sunshine Coast Regional

#MTB #Loop

Distance: 41.8 mi • Elevation gain: 3,133 ft • Maximum elevation: 696 ft

Nerang National Park Loop

Australia > Queensland > Gold Coast City

#Hike #MTB #Loop #Nerang

Distance: 10.9 mi • Elevation gain: 1,519 ft • Maximum elevation: 610 ft

Petes - Happy Valley - Exit

Australia > Queensland > Gold Coast City

Nerang National Park. #Hike #MTB #Loop #Nerang

Distance: 5.8 mi • Elevation gain: 646 ft • Maximum elevation: 381 ft

Montezuma Falls

Australia > Tasmania > Rosebery

#Hike #Tasmania

Distance: 6.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,598 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,214 ft

Kondalilla Falls - Rock Pools Loop

Australia > Queensland > Sunshine Coast Regional

Kondalilla National Park. #Hike #Loop #Kondalilla

Distance: 2.9 mi • Elevation gain: 873 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,115 ft

Perth along the coast

Australia > Western Australia > City of Perth > Perth

#Bike #Loop #Perth

Distance: 90.4 mi • Elevation gain: 3,963 ft • Maximum elevation: 200 ft

Plunkett Conservation Park - Yarrabilba

Australia > Queensland > Gold Coast City

#MTB #Loop #Plunkett

Distance: 10.7 mi • Elevation gain: 1,355 ft • Maximum elevation: 518 ft

Mount Farrell - Lake Herbert

Australia > Tasmania > Tullah

Mount Farrell Regional Reserve. #Hike #Tasmania

Distance: 6.1 mi • Elevation gain: 1,909 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,238 ft

Hanakapi'ai Falls (Kauai Island)

United States > Hawaii > Kauaʻi County

Hike from Ke'e Beach to Hanakapi'ai Falls via Kakalau Trail, Hanakapi'ai Beach and Hanakapi'ai Trail in the Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. #Hike #Falls #Nature #Forest #River #Coast #Beach #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Island #Mountain #Volcano #Hawaii #Wilderness #Park

Distance: 7.9 mi • Elevation gain: 3,871 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,342 ft

Kalalau Trail to Hoolea Falls (Kauai Island)

United States > Hawaii > Kauaʻi County

Hike from Ka'ilio Point to Hoolea Falls via Kalalau Trail, Ha'ena State Park, Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, The Gate, Hono o Na Pali Natural Area Reserve and Kalalau Beach. #Hike #Coast #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Nature #Beach #Forest #Mountain #Volcano #Island #Hawaii

Distance: 19.0 mi • Elevation gain: 9,938 ft • Maximum elevation: 735 ft

Nukolii Beach to Wailua River Park (Kauai Island)

United States > Hawaii > Kauaʻi County

Hike along the Pacific coast from Nukolii Beach Park to Wailua River State Park via Kauai Beach and Lydgate Beach on the Kaua'i Island. #Hike #Beach #Coast #Sea #Pacific #Ocean #Island #Nature #Forest #Park #Hawaii

Distance: 5.1 mi • Elevation gain: 200 ft • Maximum elevation: 46 ft

Mount Ngungun

Australia > Queensland > Sunshine Coast Regional

Glass House Mountains National Park. #Hike #GlassHouse

Distance: 1.5 mi • Elevation gain: 548 ft • Maximum elevation: 696 ft

St. Mawes Loop

United Kingdom > England > Cornwall > Bohortha

Loop hike from St. Mawes via St Mawes Castle, St Just-In-Roseland, Halwartha and Porth Creek in the Cornwall National Landscape. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Countryside #Sea #Channel #Coast #River

Distance: 7.7 mi • Elevation gain: 771 ft • Maximum elevation: 269 ft

Warrie Loop Trail

Australia > Queensland > Gold Coast City

Springbrook National Park. #Hike #Loop #Springbrook

Distance: 8.2 mi • Elevation gain: 3,091 ft • Maximum elevation: 2,546 ft

Bommer Canyon

United States > California > Orange County > Irvine

Hike in the Bommer Canyon via Bommer Meadow Trail, Nature Trail, Bommer Pass and West Fork Trail in the Bommer Canyon Open Space Preserve. #Hike #Canyon #Nature #Forest

Distance: 2.8 mi • Elevation gain: 797 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,007 ft

Crystal Cove State Park

United States > California > Orange County > Newport Beach

Loop hike through Crystal Cove State Park via Moro Canyon Trail and Pacific Ridge Trail. #Hike #Loop #Nature #Forest #Park #Mountain #Sea #Pacific #Ocean

Distance: 9.0 mi • Elevation gain: 1,302 ft • Maximum elevation: 1,030 ft