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Vaud GPS tracks

St-Cergue to Nyon

Suisse > Vaud > Saint-Cergue

At the beginning of our era, two roads, one from Nyon and the other from Aubonne, met at Saint-Cergue to penetrate into Gaul. These roads had to be frequented not only by soldiers from…

Distance: 6.7 mi - Elevation gain: 62 ft - Maximum elevation: 3,448 ft - Coordinates: 46.38427 6.15748 46.44632 6.23523

Start: Place Sy-Vieuxville, Route de France, Couvaloup de Crans, Saint-Cergue, District de Nyon, Vaud, 1264, Suisse (46.44632 6.15748)

End: Village des Pêcheurs, Petit Eysins, Nyon, District de Nyon, Vaud, 1260, Suisse (46.38427 6.23523)

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